Building solid foundations for over 20 years

Since 1997, Wilson Creative has been helping local and national companies establish a solid brand to build upon. Sometimes this required a full brand makeover, but in other instances it just needed a little polish and reaffirmation. In either situation, WC was there to move their marketing efforts forward. Sometimes we turn the keys back over to the internal marketing department to implement the brand directives, and other times we stay connected for the long haul. In fact, some of our first clients are still our clients today.


Wilson Creative is a source for graphic design, advertising, corporate branding, image editing, traditional and CGI illustration, and packaging design.

Wilson Creative, Inc. began in 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona. After moving to Phoenix from the Seattle area, Brett Wilson steadily built his business through word-of-mouth referrals. Over the last 22 years, Wilson Creative has worked with small-business startups, local ad agencies and some of the most iconic organizations in the area (Phoenix Children’s Hospital, PebbleTec Pool Finishes, Clear Title, among them).

We specialize in identifying and building creative concepts that help organizations advance their brand. Whether it is a start-up or just a brand update, we take a fresh look at our client’s products and market position to develop ideas that help them stand apart from their competition. WC takes a far-sighted approach that helps our clients see the future of their marketing direction.

Though Wilson Creative is a boutique studio, we possess a wide range of skills that help us unify a brand approach across multiple disciplines. From logo design to ad development…from product development to packaging, WC has the experience and skills to make it happen.

WC possesses a wealth of experience in industries such as:

Brett Wilson
Brett WilsonPresident/Creative Director
Brett is the heart and sole of Wilson Creative. It’s his vision and talent, developed over 4 decades, that is the guiding force for our staff.